Get the tune!The Bell

Devised by Chris Marshall in 2004. The dance is a cross between a double jig and a set dance in that it is danced by two people, but they are both dancing together continuously. The intention was to create a dance which emphasises the 'togetherness' of the two dancers, and also to be as outward facing as possible to provide a show to as much of a surrounding audience as possible. The tune is Click go the Shears, or Strike the Bell, which relates to the title, although that is actually after the pub that we first practised in, and now still use for drinking practice.

Starting position is with the musician facing one way, between the two dancers, with the dancers facing the other way. During the course of the dance the musician may turn in order to see the dancers better.

A1 Once-To-Yourself.
A2 Foot-Up-And-Down. This is modified from a normal foot up and down in that the galley and two capers are replaced with two shuffles back followed by a feet together jump to turn and face the other way. The second time the turn is extended to face in towards the musician.
B1, B2 Chorus: both dancers set off with sidesteps up the set, i.e. in the direction in which they were facing at the start of the dance. Instead of completing the sidesteps in the other direction, on the hop they turn to face up and complete with plain stepping in the same direction. Both dancers start sidesteps out, but instead of completing by coming back in they turn to face in with two capers. Then both dancers start left footed and double step across the set, pausing in the middle. Galley left to face across and two plain capers. The whole of the first half is now repeated, but this time starting by moving down the set. The cross back should be done with the dancers passing either side of the musician, and with the final caper to face up.
C1 Slow figure. Two sqaush beetle slows, two shuffles jump and turn. repeat with the final turn to face in.
B3, B4 Chorus: the same as the first chorus, but this time set of down the set the first time. On the final Galley, turn to face in, but then on the final two capers continue turning to face out.