Get the tune!The Cuckoo's Nest

This dance was invented by Chris Marshall (with the handover in the crossing by Jessica Marshall) in Feb 2004. The side had used the Cuckoo's Nest tune as an alternative for the Blue eyed Stranger for a long time. This gave the tune a dance of its own, and also gives dancers a small ammount of free expression during the crossings.

A1, A2 Once-To-Yourself.
A3 Foot-Up-And-Down.
B1, B2, B3 Chorus: corner crossing as in boys of the bunch. First corner (1 and 6) face each other and dance short sidestep left and right, one half caper, another half caper modified to land feet together momentarily, facing the opposite number. On the rebound move to the left, passing right shoulders. Two sets of double stepping across the set, starting on the left foot. Galley left to face across the set, two plain capers. Next corner join in with the plain capers for the same crossing, Third corner follow in the same way.
A4 Half gyp.
B4, B5, B6 Chorus: first corner (#1 only) as per the first chorus, with the exception that the two half capers are replaced with anything that fits the music. The positioning must result in the dancer facing #6 who joins in with the two sets of double steps, the two dancers change places by moving forward passing right shoulders while rotating anticlockwise. #1 finishes with a 180 degree galley and two plain capers, while #6 performs a 360 galley, two plain capers and continues. #6 finishes by performing the two sets of double steps to the spot, a 180 degree galley and plain capers.
A5 Whole gyp.
B7, B8, B9 Chorus: second corner (2 and 5 individually) as per the second chorus.
A6 Rounds.
B10, B11, B12 Chorus: third corner (3 and 4 individually) as per the third chorus.
A7 Whole Hey, finishing with four plain capers facing up.