Get the tune!The Lollipop Man

Processional dance cobbled together out of necessity, using a tune which is traditional to the village of Ducklington.

Note that the dance that most sides call "The Lollipop Man" is danced by us to a different tune as "Boys Of The Bunch".

The Lollipop Man can be performed in single or double file, with as many or as few dancers as required (read: "as turn up"). The A's and B's are repeated as many times as the Foreman decides (i.e. not many!). The whole dance is performed facing the direction of travel; the speed of forward motion should be reasonably constant throughout, although this policy may have to be modified, depending on the other sides in the procession.

On a long procession, bursts of dancing are interspersed with progressively longer stretches of walking-in-time-to-the-music. In such a case, we let the musician play the whole tune through, coming in with the two plain capers of the Once-To-Yourself at the end of a B-music.

A1 Once-To-Yourself. All start on the left foot.
A Six double-steps, two half-capers.
B Short sidestep left and right, two half-capers; short sidestep left and right, two half-capers. To finish the dance, replace the final two half capers with four plain capers.

However, a recently introduced alternative 'B' part, which seems to fit better with dancing in roads, is:

Long sidesteps, right for those in the left column, left for those in the right column, the left column dancers passing in front of the right colum dancers. two half capers, long sidesteps to return to place, two half capers.