Get the tune!The Morning Star

Also known as Venus, this dance was devised by Chris Marshall shortly after the side went mixed, to provide a short dance, and to increase the repertoire by using the limited amount that the new dancers had learnt at that time.

A1, A2 Once-To-Yourself.
A3, A4 Foot-Up-And-Down.
B1 Chorus: first corner (1 and 6) face each other and dance short sidestep left and right to pass each other crossing the set, passing right shoulders. Galley left to face each other, two plain capers. Two sets of double stepping across the set, starting on the left foot, and passing left shoulders. Galley left to face across the set, two plain capers. The remaining dancers join in with the plain capers to lead into the next figure.
A5, A6 Half Gyp.
B2 Chorus, second corner (2 and 5) as per the first chorus.
A7, A8 Whole Gyp.
B3 Chorus, third corner (3 and 4) as per the first chorus.
A9, A10 Rounds.
B4 Whole Hey, finishing with four plain capers facing up.