Get the tune!Saturday Night

Devised by Chris Marshall and Andy Cheyne, based on the Bucknell dance of the same name. Can be done by six or eight dancers.

The initial formation is with the musician in the middle with half the set on either side in a single line, and with each half facing the musician. For eight dancers it is also possible to start the set in a cross formation so that there is in effect two lines of four each doing the dance independently. For six dancers the sequence is:

A1, A2 Once-To-Yourself.
A3, B1 The two dances next to the musician start without the normal plain capers at the end of the preceeding music. This is done by shifting the weight to the right foot, then on the anacrucis lifting the left foot and rising up onto the toe of the right foot.

Two sets of double steps, two half capers, short sidesteps left and right, four plain capers, short sidesteps left and right, eight walking paces (left first) to pass around the musician and end up facing the next dancer. Just before starting again dancers facing each other tip their hats.
A4, B2 The next two dancers (now being faced by the first two) join in. Stepping is as the first time. On the walking the pairs of dances pass each other, but this time no dancer goes past the musician. (The best way to think of it is to pass the dancer you have just been facing, only if they were the other side of the musician do you need to pass the musician to get to them). There should now be two dancers in the middle facing the musician, two more outside them facing away, and the final two outside them facing in.
A5, B3 All six dancers now do the stepping as before. The middle two pass the musician and each other. the original first pair now reach the outside of the set. The second pair to start should now be in the centre facing out, with the final pair facing them.
A6, B4 The final pair, having reached the outside stop dancing, while the remaining four step as before. At the eight paces the orignal pair walk one sixth of the way around a circle leaving room for the next pair to stop at the end.
A7, B5 Only the final pair, now facing the musician do the stepping. On the walking the four stopped dancers walk one sixth of the way round a circle, while the last two pass the musician and walk to the end to complete the circle of six.
A8 Rounds (all). On the final galley remain in a circle and turn in to face the musician.

When danced with eight the sequence is repeated accordingly, with the distance moved round the circle reduced to one eighth each time.

When danced as a cross formation Dancers come off the end as normal. As the second four come off the first group of four walk either one eighth or three eighths (we're not sure at the moment) of the way around the set. As this is not far it is necessary to exaggerate the stepping, almost as if marching on the spot.