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Devised by Mark Pollard, based on Swaggering Boney from Sherbourne. Also known as "The New Princess Royal", and occasionally as "Cottlestone Pie".

A1, A2 Once-To-Yourself.
A3, A4 Foot-Up-And-Down.
B1, B2, B3 Chorus: First corner (1 and 6) face each other and dance long sidestep left and right. First dancer salutes left, then second dancer salutes left. (For a long time, this would have been salutes left and right, performed by both dancers at once; however, due to the strange variations in the way that people salute, this seems to work better.) Change places with two half-capers, passing right-shoulder-to-right-shoulder. Turn, left shoulder back, on the second half-caper to land facing back towards your opposite corner. The first and second corners can optionally omit the final hop of the second half-caper.

At the same time as the first corner dance the second half-caper, second corner (2 and 5) come in with two plain capers, then perform the same steps as first corner. Repeat for third corner. At the same time as the third corner dance the second half-caper, all the other dancers come in with two plain capers leading into the next figure.
A5, A6 Rounds.
B4, B5, B6 Chorus, as in B1 - B3 except the salutes are replaced by galleys left and right (by both dancers simultaneously). Your body should turn as little as possible in the galleys, although it is impossible to perform the movement flowingly unless a you permit yourself a small amount of rotation.
A7, A8 Rounds.
C1, C2, C3 Chorus, as in B1 - B3, except the salutes are replaced by squash-beetles.
A9, A10 Rounds.
C4, C5, C6 Chorus, as in C1 - C3, except the squash-beetles are replaced by upright capers.
A11, A12 Whole Hey, finishing with four plain capers facing up.