The email addresses are deliberately unusable as written, however it is easy enough to make them work; just replace the word 'AT' with an @ sign, and replace the word 'DOT' with a full-stop.

For example, the address 'example AT something DOT com' would become ''

We have to write our email addresses like this because of a number of unscrupulous and inconsiderate businesspeople who use programs called 'spiders' or 'robots' to search the web, looking for email addresses. When they find them, these addresses are then added to a database, and will begin recieving 'spam': unrequested emails advertising various products and services, often ones that very few people would ever want (hence the necessity of these intrusive blanket marketing techniques). Once an address has been added to these databases, it is very difficult to prevent it from recieving more and more of this 'spam', and it can become a real nuisance.

By writing email addresses in this peculiar way, it makes it far more difficult for the 'spiders' the spammers use to identify email addresses on a webpage, and so the problem of spam is reduced, while still allowing real visitors to a website to find the contact information they need.