The Tunes of Ducklington Morris

This is currently a work-in-progress. We hope to have more tunes available soon.

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All tunes are Traditional arr. Ducklington Morris, except where noted otherwise. Note that these represent the current (as of mid-2006) forms of the tunes as they are usually played, and may not be the same note-for-note as recorded versions. The versions recorded by the likes of Cecil Sharp and Clive Carey are readily available elsewhere in resources such as Lionel Bacon's Handbook Of Morris Dances, and we saw no need to reproduce them here.

  Adobe PDF ABC Notation MIDI Lilypond source
All the tunes ducktunes.pdf
Banks of the Dee banksofthedee.pdf banksofthedee.mid
The Blue-Eyed Stranger blueeyedstranger.pdf blueeyedstranger.mid
Bonny Green Garters greengarters.pdf greengarters.mid
Boys of the Bunch
(Old Tune)
boysofthebunch.pdf boysofthebunch.mid
Brighton Camp
brightoncamp.pdf brightoncamp.mid
bruneau.pdf bruneau.mid
The Cuckoo's Nest cuckoosnest.pdf cuckoosnest.mid
The Curbridge Road curbridgeroad.pdf curbridgeroad.mid
Glorishears glorishears.pdf glorishears.mid
Highland Mary highlandmary.pdf highlandmary.mid
Idbury Hill idburyhill.pdf idburyhill.mid
Jockey To The Fair jockey.pdf jockey.mid
Ladies' Pleasure ladiespleasure.pdf ladiespleasure.mid
List For A Sailor listforasailor.pdf listforasailor.mid
The Lollipop Man lollipopman.pdf lollipopman.mid
Mrs. O'Dwyer's Fancy
(The Strickland Arms)
odwyers.pdf odwyers.mid
The Morning Star morningstar.pdf morningstar.mid
The Nutting Girl nuttinggirl.pdf nuttinggirl.mid
Old Molly Oxford oldmollyoxford.pdf oldmollyoxford.mid
Old Taylor oldtyler.pdf oldtyler.mid
The Old Woman
Tossed Up In A Blanket
oldwoman.pdf oldwoman.mid
Orange In Bloom
(Boys of the Bunch)
orangeinbloom.pdf orangeinbloom.mid
The Princess Royal princessroyal.pdf princessroyal.mid
Rogue's March roguesmarch.pdf roguesmarch.mid
Saturday Night saturdaynight.pdf saturdaynight.mid
Shepherd's Hey shepherdshey.pdf shepherdshey.mid
Strike The Bell
(The Bell)
strikethebell.pdf strikethebell.mid
Travel By Steam travelbysteam.pdf travelbysteam.mid

In order to view the pdf files, you may need a copy of Adobe Reader. The ABC notation can be read directly in a text viewer/editor such as Windows Notepad, although there are a number of programs that can play it back or display it in traditional musical notation. The MIDI files can be played back in any of a number of Media Players; Winamp is a popular choice. The Lilypond source files can be processed with the excellent GNU Lilypond, to produce written music in DVI, Postscript and PDF formats, and MIDI files. All the MIDI and PDF files on this page were created using Lilypond version 2.2.0.